Q. who is freddy?

A. freddys long name is fredrik pernehed and he is this guy from sweden that likes to travel, but have been home for awhile now. if you havent noticed there is a pandemic thing going on

Q. what is this website?

A. a place for freddy to put his photos up big for everyone to judge and maybe once in a while write a text about whats on his mind. you can also keep track of where he is so you two can meet up and do fun stuff together

Q. why not just use facebook?

A. freddy likes to be difficult and agrees with everybody when they say they dont  like facebook

Q. can i buy these nice photos as prints and put on my wall?

A.  yes a selected few photos that freddy is extra happy with will be for sale as prints later on. if you want it now you should probably send him an e-mail RIGHT now

Q. can i share these pictures with my friends and use them for my scrapbook?

A. of course 

Q. can i freely use these pictures for  my super-successful business?

A. no but you should e-mail freddy and arrangements can be made. he is very easy to deal with

Q. why are there not more photos i can look at?

A.  freddy is working on it, you can find a few more photos on his instagram or check back tomorrow

Q. freddy!! remember when we did cool stuff and you said you would send me photos but you never did.. what up?

A. this place also allows freddy to upload those pictures in good quality and give you a link to to download. so if you have been behaving you should ask again

Q. how old is freddy?

A. freddy is born 1988 which does not mean that he have his life wife and kids sorted by now

Q. what does freddy like?

A. palm-trees travel photography people computers video games mountains music and other mindful akratic behavior

Q. what camera is freddy using?

A. sony a6000 

Q. so anyway.. what is next?

A. some say the whole world is your oyster. freddy, from on top of his shrimp sandwich, says  that he will take one day at the time

Q. why is it such a shitty about-page?

A. you should see his tinder-profile

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